Steps on how to install a nitrous kit in a car

Hang the caliper so it doesn't hang by the brake hose. The tool from Scoggins Dickey will not fit on the back two cylinders on the passenger's side, but the other 6 cylinders work fine.

Get under the car and re-snap all the wiring harness back into place on the back of the fan shroud. Rotate the cam some while doing this so you can understand how this works. Accidents such as these have given nitrous oxide an undeserved reputation as being hard on motors and prone to mishap.

Place an oil pan under the engine and remove the oil plug. This behavior is all configurable on this screen. One of these holes is for the safety blow-down tube and the other is for the nitrous feed line.

The magnet is there to help the lifter stay up, so you need to squish the retractable part down and bend the pocket hook on the pen magnet outwards some to grab on to the head. Many mods will simply require tuning the VE and spark tables to fit.

Connect the 2 smaller heater hoses going to the side of the water pump now. If you mess this part up, you risk major engine damage once you try to start the car up later on. Next, disconnect the wiring harness that goes to the coilpacks.

Also loosen the wheel nuts if you don't have an impact wrench.

All About Nitrous Oxide

The car must first be tuned for maximum performance in naturally-aspirated form to provide a baseline starting point.

Our kit came with a special gear that is mounted on the bottle for the opener to turn, which installs in place of the standard valve handle.

2006-2010 HEMI Hi-Power Supercharger Kit by Arrington Performance

No chart this basic could possibly detail all the differences between 2 similar cams, so use it only as a rough guide Cam Basics: Install whatever spring compressor you chose, and start compressing the spring. With the bottle mounted, the next steps of our install brought us under the hood of Project Blackout.

Remove the timing cover once all bolts are out Selecting a cam that is right for you NOTE: Now that the valve won't be falling down into the cylinder, we can compress the spring.

Okay, let's get to work. If these are not set correctly, you may damage your ignition system or accidentally disable certain features of the MSPNP2.Unsurpassed Braking Capacity.

Corvette C5 Nitrous Install

Give your S Mustang the ability to stop on a dime and give nine cents change by upgrading your rear brakes to the massive 4-piston calipers included in the Wilwood Superlite Rear Brake Kit.

WARNING Prop Products sold on this website may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. How to Install a Nitrous System NOS Kit Number ; This is a very quick and basic article on how to install the NOS kitfor the TPI equipped Camaro, Firebird, and Corvette.

How to Install a Turbo in a Car

The bottle should be turned approximately 45 degrees so the label is facing towards the front of the car. This will place the pickup tube near the back of the.

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Steps on how to install a nitrous kit in a car
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